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Jennifer Pascucci & Erick Hicks
Location: On the Beaches of Turks and Caicos
How his and her story became ours:
I wanted to begin dating and friends of mine had been on I thought it was better then being set up and at least I would weed out potential crazy people before meeting them. I was overwhelmed with the responses from so many people. I was very selective and tried to find common ground before responding. There was a person named Vitamin E who made a first attempt and after quickly looking over his profile I declined to respond thinking he was a health nut! Next came an email from this Vitamin E and I decided to respond. It was after several emails and about a week in time we decided to meet.
The dating world at times can be an interesting place to be so I decided with some hesitation to join At first there were some average dates, some really horrible dates but then the date I was holding out for came along.
I was convinced Erick sounded too good to be true so I had him show up at my work and bring happy hour to me there with fellow coworkers to ensure he wouldn't kill me. I was pleased with what I saw! He was better looking in person then in his pictures and seemed to be the real deal. I had the coworkers check him out to see what they thought before moving onto a real date.
With all the crazies today Jenn was being very cautious and asked me to show up at her workplace with several forms of id and I also was required to bring happy hour to her work so the employees could look me over and interview me. I went through the motions and talked to her fellow workers and we moved onto our first real date at a little Italian restaurant where she was wearing a really sexy black dress. We had a great time that night and for the months ahead we were inseparable. I had decided early on this one was the one I was going to marry and spend the rest of my life with.
Our first real date was one I will never forget. I showed up with wine a movie and some treats for his dog. I was so excited to see him again! I remember walking hand in hand to the restaurant. We haven't let go of each other since.
So in the months ahead I knew I would propose but the big question was how. Those of you who know me knew it would be unusual. We decided to attend the Eagles vs Giants game on her sisters birthday on Nov 1st. It was at that moment I knew that would be the place. It was time to get to work and figure out how to pull this off. I started emailing Lincoln Financial and they said no it was not allowed. I began calling and finally found the one person who said she would put the proposal on the jumbo tron at half time with several donations to local charities. I told Jenn at half time to stay in her seat because there was a birthday message for her sister. Then at half time I handed her a card and prepared. My life would never be the same.
I waited for the message and there I read Jennifer Ann Pascucci there is one question I have been meaning to ask... will you marry me? Love Erick I turned to ask if this was a proposal and there he was with the ring. I will never forget the look of pride and love in his eyes as I cried yes.
Since we can't have normal Erick wanted a destination wedding to remember. Everyone can get married in a church or at a hall but not everyone can get married on a beach around sunset on a beautiful island. So we set out to find a destination for our friends and family to share our special day with us. We are both fortunate enough to have some of our closest friends and family to stand by our sides when we commit to each other on October 22, 2010 at 4pm!
Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort and Spa:

Luxury Included

At Beaches all-inclusive Resorts, just about anything you could ever imagine is included. So leave your wallets (and your cares) behind, and get ready for the time of your lives!

All Meals, Drinks & Snacks

Luxurious Accommodations

Scuba Diving & Water sports

Kids Supervised Activities

Transfers, Tips, Taxes...

Weddings Also Included!

Premium-Brand Drinks

6 pools, 3 with swim-up bars

Dedicated toddler pool with canopy

Pirates Island Waterpark

XBOX 360В® Game Garage

Liquid at Beaches Nightclub

Family suites for large families

16 specialty restaurants

12 bars serving unlimited premium drinks

Supervised kids camp for kids of all ages

Trench Town Teens-only gameroom

Comprehesive Scuba program in world's top dive destination
The Rest of our Story:
Jenn has shown me true happiness and love that will never die. She has taken me from the bottom of the ocean to the peak of Mt Everest and we keep on climbing. Jenn is my soulmate and for those of you that don't believe that it is possible I am here to tell you that that person is out there for everyone of us. Jenn is my angel from heaven.
Erick has taught me to believe in happily ever after. Erick is better then any story I have ever read or any man I could have ever dream of. He opened up his home and heart without hesitation. He shared everything he had in the world with me. I was relieved I finally met my true companion.

We both agree that our relationship just worked from the very beginning. We did so many things together. Each and everything always was special and seemed to be effortless. We are so excited to become Mr. and Mrs. Hicks. This ladies and gentleman as Paul Harvey would say, "this is the rest of the story.

The End

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